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Flooring Removal

At Remove It Pros, we are known for being careful. Our techniques come from doing thousands of demolition jobs in this market place.....from trial and error. We tried out most all the types and brands of equipment to remove flooring and we bought the best most effective equipment. NOTE: Many times we could use our floor machine but we don't because it takes a great deal of effort to get it in a building (and potential damage), and we find its not that much of a time saver, ((residentially) you can only do the wide open areas with it.) We are focused on saving you time and money while providing a high quality of service that you can count on and creating as few problems as possible.

We can remove any type of flooring!

We carefully remove the flooring, then grind smooth the floors leaving them ready for your installer to install your new floors in a fast, efficient and professional manner, hauling out the debris as we work and taking it off site the same day.

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